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Orders, with payment in full, are due MONDAY, MAY 4.


Order packets can be dropped off at practice or to Nancy Hejna (256 Gracewood Dr SE)

Please have checks made payable to:  EGR BOYS LACROSSE

Sales Target:  5 items per player

Please help us meet our fundraising goal by making a effort to sell at least 5 pots to family, friends and neighbors.

The combination pots will be provided by Romence Gardens. We do not have a photo, however, there is a description of the flower combo on the order form.

Questions?  Contact Nancy Hejna at 340-0889 or dhejna1@comcast.net


by posted 04/17/2015
More Pictures

Laura Davis and Betty Roth have added more pictures to the website.  Here are a few from DCC.

by posted 04/15/2015
Bus Policy

Parents and Players,

There have been a number of questions regarding transportation for boy's lacrosse.  These include, why aren't we using busses for every away game, can students drive, and why does the JV get busses?

As you may suspect, bus transportation is very expensive.  In fact it was the 2nd largest expense for the board last year.  As such, we are trying to economize when possible and have asked varsity parents to help with transportation to four away games (DCC, Rockford, FHC and FHN).  There will be bus transportation to all of the other away games and away playoff games.

Regarding students driving, Tim Johnston's policy is that students can drive to nearby local games.  For that reason, we could not have students drive to DCC but the nearby local games are acceptable.  Naturally parents can choose to drive their son to nearby local games.  We leave that decision in the capable hands of our player's parents.

The JV coaches requested that we consider having buses for the JV players.  Despite the cost, we decided to do so for the following reasons:

1) The JV players cannot drive (too young)

2) Their games are 90 minutes earlier which means parents need to leave work much earlier to get them to games on time.

3) Varsity players will get additional bus transportation in the playoff season.

I hope this helps.  This was the result of multiple conversations with the board, board members, coaches, and Tim Johnston.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



by posted 04/14/2015
Normal Practice Times

The normal practice times for Boys lacrosse will be as follows:

Varsity: Monday-Friday 5:00PM to 7:00PM.

JV: Monday-Friday 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

We will alternate weekly with the girls lacrosse team between Mehney and Memorial.

These will go into effect when the snow clears from Memorial.

by posted 03/10/2015
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Bus Policy
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