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Grand Rapids, MI
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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hosted by: East Grand Rapids Boys Lacrosse



Memorial Field / Inside Track Field
EGR High School
2211 Lake Drive, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Mehney Field
EGR Middle School
2425 Lake Drive, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Manhattan Field
Manhattan Park 
3152 Cascade Rd
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Tournament Map 


FIRST GAMES (click to print) 



FIELD ROTATION (Click to print):                                                                                   


MASTER SCHEDULE (Click to Print):                                                                                                              



  1. Games will consist of two 25-minute running clock halves with a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute halftime. We encourage all teams to be dressed and partially warmed up prior to taking the field for the 5 minute warm up. Things are going to move very quickly.
  2. No sideline horns.
  3. No time outs.
  4. No overtime. If the game is tied, the team with the least penalty minutes assessed will advance. If still tied, then a Braveheart will determine the winner. For the Braveheart each team is allowed one faceoff player and one goalie.
  5. If there are weather delays, games will not be made up. If a game is delayed by weather the team ahead at the time of delay advances.
  6. Each field will have a field marshal that is responsible for all field activity. If you have any questions during the tournament please contact the field marshal.
  7. The trainer will be stationed at Memorial Field. For emergencies, the Field Marshall can call her. Otherwise, we ask that injured players be transported to Memorial Field Headquarters area. Police/Fire is also right next to the High School.
  8. There will be a poster board located at each field reflecting up to the minute bracket information.
  9. Please bring your own water.
  10. No varsity players are allowed to play in this tournament. The players that you play with in the tournament need to be the players that you played with throughout the year.
  11. Official Time is kept on the field by the Officials.
  12. Official MHSAA rules will otherwise govern the tournament.



Centrally located inside Memorial Field in front of the concession area.  



Teams are welcome to bring and set up a team tent.  Check with the field marshell or at tournament headquarters on the best spot to set up.  We ask that each team take care of their own trash and keep the tent area clean and safe.  AS A REMINDER EACH TEAM IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THEIR OWN WATER


Limited parking is available in the lots at each field.  Handicap parking spaces are also available.  Additional parking is available on the roadside in areas that allow parking.  Most streets only allow parking on one side of the street, please observe city parking signage.

Gaslight Village - A 2-Hour street parking limit is strickly enforced, please take note.

There is additonal free parking in the parking deck in the center of Gaslight Village. Tournament participants are encouraged to park on the upper, top level.



Restrooms are available at each field.  Please contact the field marshal or tournament headquarters if you notice a problem with one of the restrooms.  



There are many local dining options available within the Gaslight Village business district or Breton Village Mall


Gaslight Village: Conveniently located just a short walk from Memorial, Mehney and Track fields

Breton Village Mall: A short drive from downtown East Grand Rapids.  Approximately 5 minutes south on Breton Rd.